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The Florida Interagency Coordination Center website is designed to serve as a source of fire intelligence and information primarily for the wildland fire community in Florida and the nation as deemed necessary. The website is designed to provide tools and intelligence for those employed at FICC, including full-time employees, seasonal employees and individuals brought in on an emergency basis. Also, the website is intended to provide tools and intelligence to the participating agencies that are affiliated with the Center.

The FL-FICC website IS NOT a “real-time” website, nor is it designed to be an “incident-specific” website.  Although we strive to update the products and services on our site as timely as possible, time constraints, staffing, and emerging activity will sometimes preclude this from happening.  The website does provide information on large fires that occur within the Dispatch Area, it is not the “official” website for any individual fire.  If you would like immediate or additional information about a particular fire, please contact the authority having jurisdiction in which the incident is occurring.

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